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Current Sketchbook

May 2023

Lately I've been working on improving my skills in sketchbooks so I haven't created many finished pieces.

Here are some of my recent sketches and storyboards. I have been asking for feedback and am currently

working on integrating it into my work. This month I have worked on a couple of my original stories and scenarios. 

IMG_1715 2.jpg

Mini Storybook: Bumblebee

April 2023

This spring I've set a little challenge for myself. Over the next month or so I will be illustrating a mini storybook based on a short story I wrote called 'The bumblebee who went to the Pharmacy'.


I got the idea during a trip to Croatia, my home country. The story features a group of endearing insects who come together to help a friend in need.The story itself is rather short and simple which makes it ideal for practice. 

For each story I illustrate I set myself a couple of goals. By illustrating this one I wanted to develop a rendering style which is more textured and captivating than my previous work. I also wanted to challenge myself by making more full-page illustrations, developing better sketches, and improving my character design. So far I feel like I am already seeing improvement in my work.

Here are some snapshots of the creative process. 


Portfolio Sketches

February 2023

These sketches were made for vignettes and smaller illustrations within my portfolio. The goal was to practice a new illustration style and improve my rendering skills. The artworks were mostly inspired by my love for family, nature and food. 

IMG_0058 2.JPG
IMG_0043 2.JPG
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